BNR-100. Important places in Miensk. 8. Building of Government of the Belarusian Democratic Republic

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In the XIX century the building was used as a house of Minsk governor. There the First Constituent Charter to the people of Belarus was proclaimed.

Present-day building of the Republican music gymnasium-college was built in 1699 as a Jesuit school in architectural complex of Minsk Jesuit Collegium. In 19 century this building was used as the house of Minsk governor. 

From 20th of February 1918 in this building, People’s Secretariat of Belarusian Democratic Republic was located. On 21 February 1918 here the First Constituent Charter for nations of Belarus was adopted. It declared the Belarusian authority on the whole territory of Belarus. 

People’s Secretariat was the first government of Belarusian Democratic Republic on the basis of Belarusian Socialist Assembly delegates. In October 1918 People’s Secretariat was renamed in Rada of People’s Ministers of Belarusian Democratic Republic. The first Belarusian government wasn’t destined to stay in this building for a long period of time. 25 February 1918 German forces occupied Minsk, took off the Belarusian flag from the building and confiscated money. The German administration took the building for the needs of its military musical band. 

During 1918 the Belarusian Democratic Republic government staff changed several times. For example, in May 1918 Raman Skirmunt, Minsk Belarusian Representation leader, created a coalition government (it was centre-right). But his government remained just for a short period of time and since October 1918 Anton Luckievič led the Rada of People’s Ministers. 

After events of 1918 the house of governor was used for different needs. Finally, it lost its outward appearance after the rebuilding in 1968. Brilliant monument of 17 century baroque architecture changed its look beyond recognition