BNR-102. Important places in Sluck. Vyzna

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Vyzna (today Čyrvonaja Slabada) is the center of the village council of the Salihorsk district of the Minsk region. It stands on the river Vyzienka.

Vyzna was first mentioned in the XVI century as a village of the Sluсk principality, which was owned by the Alieĺkavičs. In 1612, the village passed to the Radzivils.

As a result of the second division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1793, Vyzna became part of the Russian Empire and became the center of the volost of the Sluck poviate of the Minsk province.

On March 25, 1918, according to the Third Constituent Charter of BNR, Vyzna was declared as part of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. During the Sluck uprising of 1920, the line of defense of the Hrozaŭ’s regiment of the Belarusian Democratic Republic passed through the town. There were fights between the Belarusian and Soviet troops.

In 1923, the Bolsheviks renamed the town into Čyrvonaja Slabada.