BNR-101. Important places in Harodnia. BNR101: 8. Belarusian military commandant’s office

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Throughout its history this building was the palace of the vice-administrator, the palace of Valicki, the bishop's house.

It is here, at the estate of the Orthodox Bishop Uladzimir, that the apartment of the Belarusian Military Commandant’s office and part of the Squadron of the First Horadnia Belarusian Regiment were located at the beginning of 1919. The First Belarusian Regiment in Horadnia was created on December 21, 1918. The regiment was commanded by the famous Belarusian Colonel Kanstancin Jezavitaŭ. In the spring of 1919, the Horadnia Belarusian regiment totaled 1057 soldiers and officers. After the German troops retreated from Horadnia in April 1919, the regiment took under protection the prison, railway station, power station, and organized military patrols in the city. However, the Horadnia regiment could not resist the many times superior forces of the Polish army, and military commanders, in order to save people, decided to cross the border with Lithuania, where Belarusian units were formed as part of the Lithuanian army.