BNR-101. Important places in Harodnia. BNR101: 7. House of Belarusian officers

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The building of the former hotel of Liejba Fedar. In Polish times, there was the Hotel “Trade” here, and in Soviet times – the Restaurant "Bielastok". This is where the officers of the Belarusian Military Commission were staying in the autumn of 1920.

Captain Anton Boryk and Lieutenant Andrej Jakubiecki lived in this building before betaking them to Sluck Region to participate in a defense action. The Head of the Belarusian Military Commission, Lieutenant Francišak Umiastoŭski, also lived there for some time. It is possible that Viačaslaŭ Adamovič Jr., better known as “Dziarhač the Ataman”, the commander of the Belarusian rebel organization “Green Oak”, also stayed here. The Belarusian Military Commission was established on August 2, 1919 by a decision of the Belarusian Congress of Viĺnia and Horadnia Region. Its task was to form Belarusian military units as part of the Polish Army. In 1919 it was assumed that a Belarusian-Polish federation would be formed, and the head of the Polish state, Juzef Pilsudski, speaking in Belarusian in Minsk, announced the revival of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. But these plans were not implemented, and the Belarusian Military Commission was able to organize only two infantry battalions and retraining courses for officers. This made it possible for the BNR Government in November-December 1920 to significantly support the Sluck rebels, who liberated Sluck Region from the Bolsheviks for a whole month and restored the authority of the BNR there.