BNR-101. Important places in Harodnia. BNR101: 6. The house of Anton Luckievič in Horadnia

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This building, known to every Horadnia inhabitant, also can tell about the history of the BNR. Today it is called very mundane – “General Store”.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Hotel “Europe”, or “European”, in which at the beginning of 1919 the Prime Minister of that time and Foreign Minister of the BNR Government Anton Luckievič stayed, was located on this site. Anton Luckievič, together with his brother Ivan, are the founding fathers of the Belarusian national movement at the beginning of the last century. Thanks to them, on March 25, 1918 the independence of the BNR was proclaimed. On that historic night from March 24 to 25, 1918, Anton Luckievič drafted the Third Constituent Charter of BNR, which proclaimad independence and determined the constitutional order of the revived Belarusian state. After Anton Luckievič became head of the BNR Government in November 1918, he changed the name of the main executive authority from the People’s Secretariat of the BNR to the Rada (Council) of Ministers of the BNR. Thus, the first Belarusian ministers appeared. In Horadnia Anton Luckievič prepared a memorial of the BNR Government for a peace conference in Paris, where he personally traveled in May 1919.