BNR-101. Important places in Harodnia. BNR101: 5. The building of the Ministry of Belarusian Affairs

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The Ministry of Belarusian Affairs under the Lithuanian Government was here, in the building of the former Pushkin school. The first head of the BNR Government, Jazep Varonka, was the Minister.

During the German occupation, Horadnia was ruled by the Lithuanian Government recognized by the Germans. According to the agreement with the Lithuanian Government, Belarusians were to take a quarter of the seats in the Lithuanian Government. That is why the Ministry of Belarusian Affairs was formed. The Ministry organized the First Belarusian Infantry Regiment, stationed in Horadnia, and the Horadnia Poviate Rada (Council), which was elected at the Horadnia Belarusian Peasant Congress. The Ministry of Belarusian Affairs acted in the city until the occupation of Horadnia by the Polish Army in April 1919. After that, the Belarusian school was located in the building. The pastor and translator of the Bible into the Belarusian language Lukaš Dziekuć-Maliej was the director of the school. He was the chairman of the Horadnia School Rada, a member of the Committee for the National Revival of Belarus, the Club “Belarusian Hut”. Also he was one of the initiators of the Belarusian Youth Society creation.