BNR-101. Important places in Harodnia. BNR101: 1. The building of the Horadnia Higher Theological Seminary, the former Catholic church and Bernardine monastery

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The origin of organized Belarusian life in Horadnia is connected exactly with this place.

In September 1909, a club of Belarusian youth was founded in the apartment of Catholic priest Francišak Hrynkievič. The priest was the first leader of this club for two and a half years. According to the Belarusian Catholic priest Adam Stankievič, “the personality of Francuk Hrynkievičin was central and the only one in Horadnia that woke up and organized there the Belarusian movement”. The club aimed to spread knowledge about Belarus, its history, culture and language. The books donated by priest Hrynkievič from his own collection became the base of the club’s library. The club brought together students interested in Belarus from local schools and gymnasiums. Friends of the club established contacts with then-known Belarusian organizations and corresponded with Ivan Luckievič, Vaclaŭ Lastoŭski, Aliaksandr Ulasaŭ. Young people prepared thematic essays about Belarus, which were read at the club's evenings. Belarusian poems were recited, theatrical sketches were staged, the choir of the club made performances, classes of the Belarusian language were held at these evenings. So, Belarusian life came out of the monastery walls into the city, becoming an integral part of the city above Nioman.