BNR-100. Important places in Miensk. 12. Third Constituent Charter

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The Third Constituent Charter of the Rada (Council) of the Belarusian People's Republic.

A year ago, the nations of Belarus, together with the nations of Russia, cast off the yoke of Russian tsarism, which oppressed Belarus the most; without asking the people, it threw our land into the fire of the war, which completely destroyed the cities and villages of Belarus. Now we, the Rada of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, are dropping out of our native land the last yoke of state dependence, which the Russian tsars have forcibly thrown onto our free and independent land. Since now, the Belarusian Democratic Republic is proclaimed an independent and free state. The nations of Belarus in the person of the Installating Soym will decide on future state relations of Belarus. 

As a result of this, all old state ties, which made it possible for a foreign government to sign a treaty for Belarus in Bierascie, which kills the Belarusian people to death, dividing its land into parts, are losing their force. By virtue of this, the government of the Belarusian Democratic Republic should enter into relations with interested countries, inviting them to revise the part of the Bierascie’s treaty that relates to Belarus and sign a peace treaty with all the warring states. 

The Belarusian Democratic Republic should cover all the lands where the Belarusian people live and have numerical superiority, namely: Mahilioŭ region. Belarusian parts of the Minsk region, Hrodna region (with Hrodna, Bielastok, etc.), Viĺnia region, Viciebsk region, Smaliensk region, Čarnihaŭ region and adjacent parts of neighboring provinces inhabited by Belarusians. 

The Belarusian Democratic Republic affirms all the rights and liberties of the citizens and peoples of Belarus that are proclaimed by the Constituent Charter of March 9, 1918. 

Having proclaimed the independence of the Belarusian Democratic Republic, the Rada places its hopes on the fact that all nations that love freedom will help the Belarusian people to fully realize its political and state ideals. 

Rada of the Belarusian People's Republic 

Given in Minsk-Bielaruski on March 24, 1918.