BNR-100. Important places in Miensk. 11. The House of Independence

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In this building the Third Constituent Charter of the Belarusian People's Republic was adopted on March 25, 1918.

At the beginning of the 20th century the modern vulica Valadarskaha was named as vulica Sierpuchaŭskaja. At Sierpuchaŭskaja 9 there was a building of Minsk department of Peasants’ Agrarian Bank. The Rada of Belarusian Democratic Republic rented a meeting room on the third floor of this building. 

During 20th century the outward and inward look of the House of Independence were dramatically changed. But the walls of the building remained as they were from the times of memorable 1918. 

On 24 March 1918 the historical session of the Rada of Belarusian Democratic Republic started. The question of Belarusian sovereignty was raised. During the Session it was cleared up that majority of representatives of Rada were not ready to declare independence morally and psychologically. Only two brothers Ivan and Anton Luckievič after returning from Viĺnia managed to persuade the Rada’s representatives to vote for independence of Belarusian Democratic Republic. In the morning of 25 March 1918 the Rada of Belarusian Democratic Republic accepted the Third Constituent Charter which declared the Belarusian Democratic Republic as free and independent country. 

The declaration of the Belarusian Democratic Republic started the process of the state building. Minsk became the capital of Belarus, the Belarusian passports were published, representations of Belarusian Democratic Republic were opened abroad. A detailed map of Belarusian Democratic Republic borders was developed and the Belarusian language became a state language.